White Mage


The upgraded mace and Great Lightning Spear miracle give it enough of an offense to hold its own should trouble arise, but it is best played with coordinated co-op. Combines varied mix of restorative and healing spells, offensive capabilities (Soul Appease meant to simulate the traditional effects of Holy/Banish), and powerful buffs.


Starting Class Cleric
Level 130
Vigor 20
Endurance 15
Vitality 8
Attunement 60
Strength 12
Dexterity 5
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 4
Faith 49 (55 with gear)


RH: +10 Lightning Mace (4.0 wt)
LH: +5 Idol's Chime/+5 Dragon Chime (0.5 wt/1.0 wt)


Priestess Set (if Female) (+1 FTH from Headpiece, 6.8 wt)/White Priest Set (if Male) (+1 FTH from Headpiece, 8.2 wt)
Rings: Ring of Prayer (+5 FTH, 0.5 wt), Sun Seal (Increases Strength of Miracles by 5%, 0.2 wt), +2 Southern Ritual Band (+3 Attunement Slots, 1.5 wt), +2 Clear Bluestone Ring (Shortens Casting Time by 55%, 0.8 wt).


Great Heal x2 (10 casts, 2 ATT)
Soothing Sunlight (4 casts, 2 ATT)
Great Lightning Spear (12 casts, 1 ATT)
Sunlight Spear (5 casts, 2 ATT)
Soul Appease (6 casts, 1 ATT)
Sacred Oath (5 casts, 4 ATT)


Stock up on as many Herbs as you can, as well as Token of Fidelity (which can be gained from successful co-ops using the regular White Sign Soapstone while apart of any covenant except Heirs of the Sun, as well as if you are not apart of any covenant).


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