Watcher's Malice


Be the true Throne Watcher by launching magic at your foes while still being able to defend yourself up close and personal.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 210
Vigor 42
Endurance 18
Vitality 19
Attunement 50
Strength 20
Dexterity 28
Adaptability 8
Intelligence 60
Faith 18


Moonlight Greatsword +5
Staff of Wisdom +5
Drakekeeper's Shield +5


Throne Watcher's Set (all +5)
Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Third Dragon Ring
Chloranthy Ring +2
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring


- 1 Unleash Magic
- 1 Crystal Soulmass
- 2 Soul Spears
- 1 Crystal Soul Spear
- 1 Soul Greatsword


- The Third Dragon Ring allows for an extra boost of health along with the Vigor level for counteracting the Unleash Magic's Health Drain
- In the initial encounter with an enemy, cast Unleash Magic and Crystal Soulmass (looks intimidating and hits hard if all soulmasses hit)
- If engaged in melee combat where you have the upper-hand, if your opponent rolls away, use the Moonlight Greatsword's Heavy attack to chase them down with it's magic attack
- Souls Greatsword works wonders on lighter builds who attempt to run arround to confuse you as this spell has a great range around the player and is sure to connect unless your opponent times their rolls just right
- With this build, you should be able to survive a few hits from just about anything; from any kind of spell, to resin-buffed weapons, to most back-stab retaliations
- The shield has nearly 73.7% resistances to everything (except Dark, which it has 58.7%) along with 100% to melee resistance


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