Volkron, The Demon Of The Crypt


a dark/pyro/strength build that lets peeps use the power of a Archdemon


Starting Class Warrior
Level any
Vigor 99
Endurance 30
Vitality 60
Attunement enough to use some pyromancy and hexes
Strength 99
Dexterity enough to use weapons for this build
Adaptability any
Intelligence enough to use sum pyromancy and hexes
Faith enough for pyromancy and hexes


Fire Black knight ultra greatsword+5
Dark Butchers Knife +5


Dark mask +5
Excecutioners armor+5
heide knight gauntlets+10
rouge leggings+10
redeye ring


great chaos fireball,GRS, chaos firestorm(or outcry) great combustion. the rest is up to u


u can use a shield if you want but it must look good with the armor since its more of a fashion souls build. you can also have a parry weapon but it must look good with the build.
use the butchers knife powerstanced because its great at making 3 hit combos like R1,R1,L1
be aggressive because this demon wants the souls of his enemies


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