Viking Berserker


This Build is designed to be a copy of a wild nordic Warrior - the Viking Berserker! Important is the right gear and the right mood/behavior ingame.

Also, your charakter needs to look right: wild, bushy hair (or bald) and a mighty beard in red, black or sliver will do. Also a grim look and strong body.


Starting Class Bandit
Level 154
Vigor 40
Endurance 30
Vitality 29
Attunement 2
Strength 40
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 1
Faith 8


Dragonslayer Crescent Axe +5/Dragonslayer Crescent Axe +5 looks best, any two upgraded axes will do actually


I'd go with a mix of the Bandits starter Set, Vengarls Set and the Varangian or Warrior Stuff, for example.

Rings: Third Dragon Ring (Stamina + Life, also carry weight), Chloranthy Ring +2 (Stamina Regen), 2 other Rings that you like to use.


No spells needed


Since you go for maximum melee damage we max the scaling for strenght and dexterity. We also need a decent amount of life and stamina to make up for the lack of a shield (If you would like to use a shield anyways, use a round one like the mirrah shield).

If you still want to level up afterwards, try and bring int/faith to 30/30 for the fire damage, so you can infuse both weapons effectively.

Or go for more Vigor/Endurance, but since they are very close to their soft cap, maybe get the points somewhere else.

To dual wield the Dragonslayer Crescent Axe you need 27 Str and 18 Dex, you can stop Dex at that point and put the 22 Points somewhere else as well. Keep in mind though, that you only get one of those axes per playthrough, so you will need others axes in the beginning.


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