versatile light knight



Starting Class Deprived
Vigor 20
Endurance 10
Vitality 20-30
Attunement 25
Strength 30
Dexterity 20
Intelligence 30
Faith 30


longsword (later upgraded to drangleic sword)
silver eagle kite shield (later upgraded to drangleic shield/kings shield)
pyromancy flame
catalysts dedicated to hexing, scorcery and miracles (black witch staff)


elite knight set (later upgraded to kings set)
ring of blades
chloranthy ring
blue tearstone ring
the quartz rings or dispelling ring
the bite rings or ring of resistance
ring of steel protection
southern ritual band


any spell you can get a decent amount of casts/damage with

toxic mist
cast light
fall controll
(great) magic barrier


this build is intended for pve mostly, it has multiple rings which are switched based on the situation and focuses on the sword and shield for basic combat, magic is used for bossfights or enemies that are tough to damage with physical damage

toxic mist is a must, many bosses can be poisoned and doing so makes the fight so much easier, go kill the royal rat vanguard as soon as you can

find the sorcerer's staff and cleric sacred chime as soon as possible

instead of infusing multiple longswords, get one up to +10 and stock buffing items

once you get to shrine of amana farm it for twinkling titanite, as most of the build's final equipment requires it to be upgraded

though not required, abusing the ring of life protection makes it a breeze to prevent soul loss

old iron keep is a great place to farm with covetous silver serpent ring+2, from the threshold bridge to the eygil's idol you'll pick up easily 30K souls, if you have scholar of the first sin then you can reliably and safely farm infinite souls with little danger by joining the company of champions


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