Versatile Knight


A knight using only weapons and shields however you can give or take some stats to suit your playstyle. If you are planning to pvp with this build, I recommend investing more points into attunement so you can use pyromancy and ditch your shield.


Starting Class Knight
Level 145
Vigor 25
Endurance 25
Vitality 35
Attunement 6
Strength 35
Dexterity 35
Adaptability 25
Intelligence 6
Faith 6


Berserker Blade
Great Scythe
Grand Lance
Scythe of Want
Black Knight Ultra Greatsword
Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword
Mastadon Greatsword


Anything that gives high poise.



If you wish to put points into other stats, it is recommended to reduce points in Vit, Str, Dex and Adp. If you plan on wearing armour that will prevent you from fast rolling, reduce some points from Adp as you won't need faster roll speeds.


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