Top class Pyromancer


Go all out and be proud of it.


Starting Class Deprived
Level Doesn't matter
Vigor 60
Endurance 60
Vitality 35
Attunement 99
Strength 20
Dexterity 25
Adaptability 60
Intelligence 99
Faith 99


RH1: Fire Claymore +10
RH2: Rapier +10
RH3: Fire Hunter's Blackbow +10
LH1: King's Shield +5
LH2: Pyromancy Flame +10


Black Witch Hat +5
King's Armour +5
Penal Handcuffs +5
King's Leggings +5
999 iron + fire arrows
Southern Ritual Band +2
Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Chloranthy Ring +2
King's Ring (For extra Fire BNS) OR Old Leo Ring ( For Rapier +10)


Dance of Fire
Flame Swathe
Flame Weapon
Forbidden Sun
Great Chaos Fireball
Lingering Flame
Toxic Mist


As fire is not the most effective in the game (Lightning is) the keep plenty of gold pine resin for your Rapier +10. You could use fire Black Knight Greatsword but it's only better for physical damage, length and durability so the Claymore is better for me. You could also use a Fire Dragonslayer Greatbow +5 and a ton of iron and fire GREATarrows and the only compromises there are the arrows are more expensive, it's heavier, and it has less range and shot speed. Overall a really fun build. It's pretty good in PvE but fire will more than likely wreck you so it is AMAZING in PvP. Have fun!


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