The Violent Marauder (SL150)


The goal of this build is the slash em, smash em, and bash em. It is 100% pure melee and it takes advantage of the quicker ultra great sword move set when paired with a short handled axe in power stance mode. For range, I suggest throwing in a short bow or light crossbow to mix with your throwing knives.

It is fairly sturdy as well with a mix of mid-range defensive gear that I happen to think looks pretty bad ass. I've boosted VIT a bit to allow for Ring of Giants +2 as well as the Old Sun Ring for some surprise damage. You will be just under 70% equipment burden, so you have a decent roll as well.

HP (1905), Stamina (149), Equip load (96.7), Agility (100), Poise (73.3), PhysDefense (480 un-upgraded)


Starting Class Bandit
Level 150
Vigor 40
Endurance 33
Vitality 33
Attunement 2
Strength 45
Dexterity 15
Adaptability 26
Intelligence 1
Faith 8



You can power stance the great sword with the great axe or use the skull two-handed and/or one-handed with a shield. Sadly, you can't choose on the fly due to capped vitality in a SL150 build, but it gives you some versatility as long as you plan ahead and equip the necessary gear. The plus side of the skull is that you drop 20 pounds from your dual wield build, meaning you can use a shield (e.g., drakekeeper-s-greatshield and/or sturdier gear.


drangleic-gauntlets or king-s-gauntlets if you want to wield a bow/crossbow

This gear was chosen primarily for looks, however, it offers some decent defence rating and poise when combined with the Ring of Giants +2 as shown below. Another cool looking variant is to swap the Dark Mask for the mad-warrior-mask and swap out your gauntlets and leggings for slightly lighter options to compensate.



We don't use no stinking magic! Stack up on dark-pine-resin for added damage and flair.


Tips coming soon but the main techniques you want to master are range and stamina management. Also, you don't have a shield, so you are going to need boss rolling skills.


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