The Ultimate SunBro


With Zeus you chuck lighting bolts at people… its that simple. (This build only goes up to level 125, the rest is for you to decide.)


Starting Class Cleric
Level 125
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 12
Attunement 30
Strength 15
Dexterity 13
Adaptability 4
Intelligence 4
Faith 60


Chime of your choice in your left hand for casting lighting and such. In the right hand you should either have a mace, or a sun sword (gotten from level 2 of sun bros). Once possible imbue whatever weapons you have, including the chime, with lighting. Bolt stones can be bought from the Blue Sentinels or can be dropped from the Smooth Stone exchange in things betwixt.


Rings- Sun Seal, Cloranthy Ring, Ring of Binding, Ring of Restoration.


The end goal to strive for is 2 lighting spears which will raise the amount to 24 uses of the lighting spears. 1 Emit force for quick casting in PVP if you are in a tight situation. 1 Heal spell, Med Heal or Heal. And the essential spell to being a Sun Bro… sunlight spear. Sunlight Spear can be accessed by turning level 3 in the Sun Bros covenant.


Try and join the Sun Bros right from the start so you can begin your journey for the Sun Sword and most important the sun spear miracle.


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