The Best Gank Squad


It's meant to be used by 2 people for ganking with good coordination


Starting Class Deprived
Level 125
Vigor 20
Endurance 10
Vitality 6
Attunement 30
Strength 11
Dexterity 15
Adaptability 6
Intelligence 40
Faith 40


R1:Channeler's Trident
R2:Black Witches Staff
L1:Grand Spirit Tree Shield
L2:Pyromancy Flame


Helmet: Chaos Hood
Chestpiece: Lion Mage Robe
Gauntlets: Lion Mage Cuffs
Leggings: Lion Mage Skirt
Ring 1: Clear Bluestone Ring+2
Ring 2: Southern Ritual Band+2
Ring 3: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 4: Ring Of Giants+2


Flame Weapon
Soul Spear(x2)
Chaos Firestorm
Life Drain Patch


This build i made from me and my brother because we can play side by side. This build is going to require extreme coordination to pull of expertly.

Tip 1: Stagger eachothers forces so one goes first and the other goes secone that way if the enemy dodges one the other will get him.

Tip 2: You will each have 4 extremely fast casts of soul spear so when the enemy runs away unleash hell upon them

Tip 3: This build was meant to be a scumbag so if they have a dragon sign be summoned right before/ when they get in pop a life drain patch/ chaos firestorm

Tip 4: For this build i recommend having you right next to the other person/ over the phone or xboxlive party for once again EXTREME coordination

Tip 5: Affinity, Affinity, Affinity. Both of you having this casted will give the other person a really, REALLY bad day

Have fun being a scumbag ;]


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