Starting Class Bandit
Level 121
Vigor 30- Can be adjusted but i think 30 vigor is plenty, especially for this build which is more oriented around dodging anyways.
Endurance 19- Can attack four times with Falchion and still have enough stamina for a roll, not bad.
Vitality 11- Base level VIT for a Bandit, this is plenty for this build is light and has little poise
Attunement 12- Only one ATN slot but the Southern Ritual Band fixes that
Strength 13- It would of stayed at 10 but not being able to one-hand the Ice Rapier was just sad
Dexterity 40- This is the minimum dexterity you should have
Adaptability 12-Definitely should be more, I am working on this low amount of ADP as I type. (Not literally)
Intelligence 1-LOL
Faith 36-Just enough to cast Sunlight Blade and more than enough to cast Sacred Oath


RH1: Lightning Ice Rapier +5
RH2: LIghtning Falchion +10
LH1; Lightning Priest's Chime +10
LH2: Buckler


Lucatiel's Mask
Robes of Judgment
Manchettes of Judgement
Tight's of Judgment
(Looks like a cool masked assassin)

Ring of Blades +1 (or +2 if you feel like burning a bonfire ascetic or you are in NG+)

Southern Ritual Band +2: This added to your 1 ATN slot will make for ATN slots just enough for Sacred Oath and Sunlight Blade.


Sunlight Blade, Sacred Oath


This build is obviously still in progress. I would like much more agility and endurance but for right now it's pretty good as it is. The AR on the weapons are not very impressive
but the are fast attacking and with sunlight blade on they are plenty adequate. Parrying is a big part of this build, the buckler helps a lot with that.


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