The Royal Returned


Out of boredom, I decided to make cosplays of the Demon's Souls starting classes. When I got to the Royal, I kinda just went nuts with it, and the end result is what we have here.

This is essentially a glorified Magic build with what I think is a nice looking armor set. It looks nice, it plays somewhat decently. and it's a great excuse to use every soul spell in the game.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 150
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 5
Attunement 49
Strength 8
Dexterity 25
Adaptability 19
Intelligence 53
Faith 4


R1: Magic Richards Rapier
L1: Magic Witchtree Branch (Looks a little like the silver catalyst)
L2: Buckler (Mostly for cosplay reasons.)


Head: King's Crown
Chest: Chaos Robe
Legs: Llewellyn Shoes
Hands: Bell Keeper Cuffs

Rings: Stone Ring
Southern Ritual Band +2
Clear Bluestone Ring
Fourth is up to personal
preference/covenant requirement


These are the essentials.

Crystal Magic Weapon
Crystal Soul Spear
Heavy Homing Soul Arrow
Homing Crystal Soulmass

The rest of the slots can be replaced with double ups or extra stuff you think you need. Here's what I use.

Great Heavy Soul Arrow
Soul Greatsword
Soul Spear Barrage


The only tip I can give that doesn't apply to every other Mage build is to NOT abuse the Richards R2. It does a decent size chunk of damage to the durability, and most fights either involve people healing constantly (Invasions), buffed to hell (Arenas), or last too long to afford too much damage (PvE). Use it once to punish a horrible whiff, and maybe a few more times if you just want to kill the guy you're fighting.

If you're sticking to cosplay rules, only use emotes that were in Demon's Souls in some form. Namely, Wave, Joy, Bow, Cheer, Shrug.


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