Quality over Quantity


This is for people who want the opportunity to try a lot of weapons. Although, The Pure Quality build cannot use anything that scales with Intelligence or Faith.


Starting Class Warrior
Level 107 - 161
Vigor 30 - 35
Endurance 20 - 30
Vitality 15 - 25
Attunement Never Upgraded
Strength 30 - 40
Dexterity 30 - 40
Adaptability 20 - 29
Intelligence Never Upgraded
Faith Never Upgraded


RH = Drangleic sword +5, Old whip +5 or Hunter's Blackbow
LH = King's Shield, or Drangleic Shield


Armor: Anything you want. Though, it should be under 70% carry weight, unless you like being fat. I wore the Syan's Helmet +10, King's Armor +5, Drangleic gauntlets + 1, Drangleic Leggings +2.

Rings: Chlorhanthy ring, Ring of Blades +1, Ring of Steel Protection +1, and, of course, the Ring of Binding. Note that in pvp the Ring of Binding may be replaced if you want. I switch it out for the Red Tearstone Ring.


None. This is a pure quality build, so no spells.


TIP 1: Try to stay as close to opponents as you can. If the enemy keeps running away to heal or whatever, punish them with the Hunter's Blackbow. You could also punish them with the Old whip +5. The running attack in one hand with the Old whip is extremely useful for dead angling too, same with the Drangleic sword.

TIP 2: Roll and block the same. If you're a turtle, or a cheetah, try rolling or blocking more. The high adaptability allows for good rolling, the high strength/dex allows for good blocking.

TIP 3: Be careful what you use. This build is sort of overwhelming, due to how many weapons/shields/armor are available to you. Do not get overwhelmed and upgrade everything, only a weapon you know you'll like.


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