The Predator


For those that love to kill enemies and players by the will of sword, this is the best choice of build for you.


Starting Class Knight
Level 230
Vigor 50
Endurance 40
Vitality 33
Attunement 10
Strength 50
Dexterity 30
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 18
Faith 22


Dark Crypt Blacksword +5 (RH)
Black Knight Greatsword +5 (RH)
Pursuer's UGS +5 (RH)

Dark Black Witch's Staff +10 (LH)
Raw Avelyn +10 (LH)
Pyromancy Flame +10 (LH)

Fire Alonne Greatbow +10 (RH)
King's Shield or Defender's Shield (LH)


Mad Warrior Mask +10
Drakekepeer Set +10 for the rest
Chloranthy Ring +2
Third Dragon Ring
Ring of Blades +2 or Stone Ring
Life Ring +2


Dark Weapon
Flame Weapon


PvP: For ranged Players, use Black Knight Great Sword and Avelyn for comfort. If the enemy tries to run far away, fire Avelyn with elemental bolts and bye bye. This combination is better for players with wide attack weapons such as Zweihander, Claymore and etc. Use Crypt Blacksword for all the rest, rolling near to the enemy and attacking with onehand roll attack (360ยบ attack). Run for BS with Crypt Black Sword, because it usually takes one hit to send ghosts home :p And of course, always buff your weapon with Flame Weapon or Dark Weapon.

PvE: Depending of the boss, use Black Knight Greatsword with a lightweight shield (look for shields with high resistance, based on the boss you will fight). For the rest, use Crypt Blacksword (predictable boss attack hits). Optional: I like to use the Fire Alonne Greatbow for PvE and, essentially, to kill most of the enemies in Black Gulch.


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