The party trident


A pretty fun to use build has no magic or shield cause that stuffs for baby's. this build uses the most underrated and best weapon ever


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 150
Vigor 50
Endurance 22
Vitality 15
Attunement 6
Strength 20
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 38
Intelligence 7
Faith 5


(RIGHT HAND) Channelers trident/Dagger/Drangleic sword

(LEFT HAND) poison parrying dagger/Dragon-slayer great-bow/Light crossbow


Arrows/bolts: Elemental great arrows And Elemental bolts

Armor: Anything that keeps you rolling fast

Rings: Stone Ring

Ring of steel protection+2

Third dragon ring

Royal solders ring


Spells are for girly men


The channeler's trident breaks easily so keep repair powder on you, however In the event that your trident does break your two hander the drangleic sword will work as a fine backup.

The channelers tridents strong point is its rolling R1 and one handed R2 each have the potential take a courter your enemy's heath especially if you trick your opponent with a feint only to press R2 again once your enemy moves in to attack causing your fishing tool to turn into a heat seaking spinning death machine stopping backstab fishers "somtimes" and dealing up to 500 damage


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