Sin Collector Knight


This is a faith, strength build relying mostly on weapon damage compared to miracles.


Starting Class Knight
Level 150
Vigor 40
Endurance 20
Vitality 25
Attunement 13
Strength 20
Dexterity 12
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 3
Faith 50


Right Hand 1: Lightning Defender Greatsword +5
Right Hand 2: Lightning Heide Lance +5

Left Hand 1: Dark Watcher's Shield +5
Left Hand 2: Lightning Dragon Chime +5


Leydia White Hood +10
Faraam Armor +10
Throne Watcher Gauntlets +5
Throne Watcher Leggings +5

Ring 1: Lingering Dragoncrest +2
Ring 2: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 3: Old Sun Ring
Ring 4: Southern Ritual Band +2


Spell 1: Great Magic Barrier
Spell 2: Blinding Bolt
Spell 3: Great Lightning Spear
Spell 4: Great Heal


Chunkin' dem spears like, "HEEEEEYYAAAAAMMMMM!"


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