The Onion Champion


a light, fast, high damaging, yet tanky build that uses the vanquishers seal, a parry weapon, and maybe some spells


Starting Class Deprived
Level any
Vigor any
Endurance 60
Vitality any
Attunement any
Strength 99
Dexterity 99
Adaptability 50
Intelligence any
Faith any


maybe a great parrying weapon like the monastery scimitar on your left hand, maybe a chime or a staff on your right hand


catarina helm, lion warrior cape, faraam boots, and faraam gauntlets. you can use rings too like the stone ring, ring of blades, and maybe a yorghs ring. whatever you want for rings. you must wear the catarina helm and you must show your six-pack


maybe a great heal or a homing soul arrow. maybe some buffs as well


high adaptability recommended, you have no shield


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