The Minotaur of Drangleic


By hitting soft caps early on, this build is incredibly powerful. By weilding a strong weapon in one hand and a powerfull staff in the other, this build utilizes bonus damage provided by Dark and Fire. This build will clear over 500 damage per swing if followed correctly.

Defense Vs Strike: 784
Slash: 854
Thrust: 799
Magic: 145
Fire: 147
Dark: 145

Damage Output:


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 140
Vigor 20 - Personal preference.
Endurance 20- Soft cap at 120.
Vitality 26 - Soft cap is 29.
Attunement 16 - 3 Attunement slots
Strength 28 - Personal preference.
Dexterity 22 - Personal preference.
Adaptability 6 - Untouched.
Intelligence 25 - Dark BNS increases by adding points into both INT/FTH. This gives a bonus of 139 to Dark damage and a bonus of 138 to Fire damage.
Faith 30 - Sacred Oath's requirement. Points into Faith influence Dark and Fire bonuses.


Main hand: Lightning, Dark, Fire, or Magic Marakumo +10 Will put out over 500 damage when imbued. Ex: Lightning Marakumo = 586 damage.

  • Occasionally I will swap out the Marakumo for either Santier's Spear +5 (Requires 20/STR and 22/DEX = 385 damage) or a Greatsword +10 (Requires 28/STR and 20/DEX = 560). Hence the stat requirements. *

Off hand: Dark Black witch's staff +10 = 1,249 total damage and will act as a catalyst for spells, hexes or miracles. This staff also serves as a chime.

Shield: Blossom Kite Shield for stamina recovery, Defenders shield for 100% physical reduction and light weight, Rebels Great shield for 90% reduction of all other types of damage.


Head: Minotaur Helm +10
Torso: Vengarl's Armor +5
Arms: Drakeblood Gauntlets +10
Legs: Drakeblood Leggings +10

1. Third Dragons ring
2. Chloranthy ring +2 or Lingering Dragoncrest ring +1
3. Life ring +3
4. Southern ritual band +1


Hex Build:
Resonant Weapon, Resonant Flesh, Dark Orb x2

Faith Build:
Sunlight Blade, Sacred Oath


This build hits like a truck and can absorb punishment quite well from any physical source but be wary of spells in pvp as this build does not have an overwhelming magic defence so it will require you to learn to dodge spell attacks. That being said the added health and stamina will almost always give you that roll you need to get out of harms way.

Praise the Sun!


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