The Lost Crusader


The Lost Crusader is a holy warrior that doesn't rely on magic, but instead uses it to augment and protect him/herself. Defeating the guilty as a Blue Knight, or helping others as an heir, this warrior is made with combating magic in mind.


Starting Class Cleric
Level 150
Vigor 35
Endurance 25
Vitality 25
Attunement 20
Strength 32
Dexterity 24
Adaptability 8
Intelligence 4
Faith 30


Grand Lance or Heide Greatlance/Sun Sword
Golden Wing Shield or Rebel's Greatshield/Idol's Chime


Full Insolent Set (You may mix and match some parts. I know a lot of people don't like the look of the pants, for example.)

Clear Bluestone Ring
Chloranthy Ring
Third Dragon Ring
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring/Dispelling Ring


Great Magic Barrier
Great Heal
Lightning Spear
Perseverance/Emit Force/Whatever you want


This build makes a warrior with the ability to take more from mages, pyromancers, and hexers. The Great Magic Barrier and Dispelling Ring will help you overcome these attacks and close in for the kill.

This is a basic build I threw together. It focuses on a theme and fashion more than anything. If you want to change some aspects, or make an adjustment in gear, go right ahead!


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