The Knight of Catarina


"Forgive me.. I was absorbed in thought. I am Siegmeyer of Catarina." "…I'm afraid I'm a bit too plump," but "No worries! Adventuring is my life; I'm prepared for the worst." "I feel like I'm always thanking" others… "I curse my own inability," but "I am Siegmeyer of Catarina, and you shall feel my wrath!"


Starting Class Knight
Level 175
Vigor 25
Endurance 30
Vitality 30
Attunement 40
Strength 30
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 3
Faith 30


Right hand: Zweihander- "I am Siegmeyer of Catarina, and you shall feel my wrath!"
Left hand: Sanctum Shield or Disc Chime- "Please, take this; a symbol of my appreciation."


Catarina Helm- "Sng…sng…Zzzzzz…"
Catarina Armor- "…I'm afraid I'm a bit too plump."
Catarina Gauntlets
Catarina Leggings

Life Ring- "but be warned, gallantry entails great risks."
Dispelling Ring
Third, Second, or First Dragon Ring- "I'm prepared for the worst."
Ring of Blades or any other ring


Emit Force- "This knight of Catarina thanks you sincerely, please take this, as a token of my gratitude."
Caressing Prayer- "By my knighthood, I am ashamed to ask…But can you spare a few scraps of moss?"
Heal or Great Heal- "Fantastic…I am saved."
Sacred Oath- "Perhaps this, too, is the will of Lord Gwyn!"

Caressing Prayer is only there to be thematic you can switch to Force or Wrath of the Gods if you want


"Quite honestly, I have run flat up against a wall."
"'Tis the fate of vanguards like you and I."
"I'll think of something. We can overcome this, together!"


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