The Heide Knight


I have chosen these items just for looks. I know there are better faith weapons so you could use the Lightning Defender Greatsword +5 and the Lightning Bow of Want +5, or if you want to be legit you could use the Heide Knight Sword.


Starting Class Knight
Level Doesn't matter
Vigor 60
Endurance 60
Vitality 50
Attunement 99
Strength 20
Dexterity 25
Adaptability 60
Intelligence 3
Faith 99


RH1: Lightning Claymore +10
RH2: Lightning Heide Greatlance +10
RH3: Lightning Alonne Greatbow +10
LH1: Lightning Watcher's Shield +5
LH2: Lightning Dragon Chime +5


Heide Knight Greathelm +10
Heide Knight Chainmail +10
Heide Knight Gauntlets +10
Heide Knight Leggings +10
999 Iron Greatarrows
999 Lightning Greatarrows
Third Dragon Ring
Chloranthy Ring +2
Ring of Stell Protection +2
Ring of Giants +2
Ring of Blades +2
Sun Seal
Stone Ring


Sacred Oath
Sunlight Spear
Sunlight Blade
Great Heal
Wrath of the Gods
Great Lightning Spear


Amazing build. Super fun. BTW I'm on NG+2


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