Wonseic, The Frozen Undead


One of the greatest knights of the kingdom of eleum loyce was Wonseic. When the ivory King subsided upon the chaos, Wonseic died of frostbite shortly after the storms aproached. Once a stranger walked through the gates of eleum loyce, he awoken to find and kill any intruder of the kingdom.


Starting Class Knight
Level 315
Vigor 82
Endurance 37
Vitality 29
Attunement 61
Strength 35
Dexterity 30
Adaptability 9
Intelligence 36
Faith 51


Raw Butchers cleaver+5, bow of want+5, bonefist+5 and dark chime of want+5


Dark mask, rampart golem breastplate, rampart golem gauntlets, rampart golem leggings, ring of blades+1, life ring+3,cloranthy ring+2 and third dragon ring.


Lifedrain, great reasonent soul, darkstorm and profound still


Bonefist is meant for pvp but you don't have to use it.


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