The flynn's ring build


this build uses the power of the ring of Flynn to its advantage with having low carry weight to increase damage out put and place you levels into various other stats


Starting Class Knight
Level 150-250 what ever you feel like doing really
Vigor 50 because you going to want a lot of health to beable to make up for the lack of heavy armor if you want to have mobility
Endurance 20 it's the soft cap and i find it's about all you every really need you can always add more if you want
Vitality 8 or 14 depending on what rings you wear
Attunement 20 for 150 and 30 for 250 or what ever you feel like
Strength 20 or more
Dexterity 18 or more
Adaptability how much you want
Intelligence 40 or more
Faith 40 or more


I personally love the drakeblood sword and sanctum shield from the sunken king dlc


hexers hood lion mage cuffs and drake blood armor and leggings.
Flynn's ring is a must and third dragon ring if going with 8 vitality and a ring of blades what ever vision you have and the rest of the rings are up to you


what ever spells you like and are you favorite


The crown sunken kings dlc is a must for this build im still unaware of if its like in dks2 how it was in dks1 wear you didn't need the dlc to use dlc equipment.


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