"The Dragon"


This build is for people who can roll and are ok at parries. it is fast moving and could be changed on the go use this build originally or modify to your hearts content.


Starting Class Warrior
Level 151
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 16
Attunement 19
Strength 33
Dexterity 33
Adaptability 23
Intelligence 20
Faith 20


Ice Rapier+4 (2x), Dragonrider Bow+5(magic arrow), Slumbering Dragon shield+2, Black Witchs's staff.


Dragon Torso Stone or Black-leather set +10


Repair. do what ever you want with the rest of the ATN slots.


You could either power stance the Ice Rapiers or 2H one rapier and quick switch with the other if the durability gets to low. always have a bow and the Ice Rapiers strong attack when they get to far. use the staff to repair if you like. Don't forget to roll…


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