The Dancing Girl



Starting Class Swordsman
Level 150
Vigor 30
Endurance 20
Vitality 16
Attunement 30
Strength 9
Dexterity 16
Adaptability 22
Intelligence 30
Faith 30


Use a Channeler's Trident for the actual "dancing", and either a normal Dagger or a Silverblack Spear in your other hand. But keep anything else out of sight, you want people to see only the Trident.


Be a girl, and wear the Desert Sorceress Top, the Prisoner's Waistcloth, and the Penal Handcuffs.


Pyro and Hexes are key. The spear and dagger can't do much compared to the combined might of the fiery Sun and powers from beyond the grave. I don't care which you use, just use Pyro and Hexes.


Wear the White Ring, maybe carry around some mosses or status buffs to make you "light up". Pray for mercy and hope you get into fight clubs. With luck, and a Silver Serpent Ring +2, you'll just have to stand back and dance while gladiator's fight for your amusement.


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