The Counter Build


A build that can counter and exploit every weakness of your enemy if you use it right


Starting Class Warrior
Level Any, I guess
Vigor Any, this build isn't really tanky
Endurance High enough to follow up attacks, 35-40 should be good
Vitality Pretty high, this build is kinda heavy
Attunement 20 is enough for 1 spell punish
Strength 25, Base for one-handing the weapons(can go higher depending on the SL)
Dexterity 28, base for one handing the weapons(can go higher depending on the SL)
Adaptability enough for I-frames
Intelligence Whatever you want,53 for a punish CSS
Faith Whatever you want, 55 for a punish Sunlight Spear


Right Hand:
Syan's Halberd
Loyce Greatsword
Bandit Axe
Right Hand Alt:
Old Whip
Drake Keeper Straight Sword
A good Spear, Maybe the Sliver Black

Left Hand:
Small Leather Shield
a catalyst or Ricard's Rapier
Left Hand Alt:
Ricard's Rapier,or a dagger of some kind


Alva's Helm, Mankin Vest, Faraam Gauntlets and Boots


Good punish Spells. GRS, CSS, SS, GCF, those ones hit really hard(lewd much?)


Counter and change play style according to the player.
R1 spam-Syan's Halberd, make them back the fuck up
Spell Spam-Cresent Axe or DrakeKeeper Sword,interrupt them
Tank-Syan's or Loyce GS, they stagger and deadangle
Spear-Get Close with the Bandit Axe
Parry Spam-Loyce GS has a unique move set
As you can see, the possibilities are endless.
(The straight sword/Rapier on the Left hand can be for combing or counters(Ricard's R2)

A note: I got this idea from observing multiple masterpiece builds(DamnNoHtml, guys/gals like that) and testing weapons via invasions. My situations varied, and these weapons got incredible results. Good Luck and have fun, I put more time into this build than my other ones XD


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