The BloodBro


Pure Dex/Str build. If you face a hexer you'll have to deal with your own skills.


Starting Class Knight
Level 200
Vigor 40
Endurance 41
Vitality 40
Attunement 4
Strength 30
Dexterity 58
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 3
Faith 7


Right hand :

1) Chariot lance +5 (natural Bleed weapon + great reach and is capable of breaking guards more often than the Grand Lance)
2) Bleed Shadow dagger +10 (after a parry or for a backstab, highest counter strengh for a dagger : 130)

Left hand :

1) Bleed Flamberge +10
2) Bleed Flachion +10 (useful for parry)
3) Dark Hunter's BlackBow +10 (with Lacerating Arrow)

Ammo :

- Lacerating Arrows
- Lacerating Knife


The equipment is your choice, however you have to use 2 particular pieces :

- Crest Of Blood (Ring)provides 50 flat Bleed
- Shadow Gauntlets (Armor) provides 60 flat Bleed

For instance I use the following equipment :

- Head : Warlock Mask +5 (for style)
- Chest : Smelter Demon Armor +5 (style + high defense)
- Gauntlets : Shadow Gauntlets +10 (bleed effect)
- Legs : Havel's Leggings +5 (high defense)

Rings :

- Third dragon ring (raises the equipment load to 103, allowing you to have the same build as mine)
- Choranthy Ring +2 (because a lot of stamina is always sexy)
- Crest of Blood (adds a bleed bonus)
- Old Leo Ring (very useful when you are using the Chariot Lance)


No spell, the Bloodbro' is a pure Dex/Str build. (Death to Hexers !)


When using the Chariot Lance + Flamberge try to alternate your attacks to maximize the stunlock on your opponent. Also, when you break your opponent's guard quickly switch to the Bleed Shadow Dagger to maximize the damages.

Well that's it folks, hope you'll enjoy this build.

[And sorry for the misspellings, English is not may native langage]


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