The Banana Bro


Banana bros fight with a code of true honor. Use yellow armor, weaponry, and spells to become ONE WITH THE YELLOW FRUIT


Starting Class Knight
Level Any. Banana Bros arent exclusive
Vigor any
Endurance any
Vitality any
Attunement enough to banana spells
Strength enough to use yellow fruit weapons
Dexterity enough to use banana weapons
Adaptability any
Intelligence any
Faith enough to use banana spells


Yellow QuartzSword (Banana Sword)+10
Yellow Quartz Shield(Lemon Shield) +10
Dragon Chime(Pineapple Catalyst) +5
Mastodon Halberd(Juicy Lemon Halberd)+10
Bow of Want(Sour Lemon Bow) +5
Alternate Weapons
Black Dragon Sword(Sour Lemon Sword)
Black Dragon Warpick(Banana Mace)
Black Dragon Greatsword(Juicy Pineapple Greatsword)
Black Dragon Greataxe(Yummy Pineapple GreatAxe)
Black Dragon Shield(Pineapple Shield)
More Alternate Stuff
Mastodon Greatshield(Juicy Lemon Greatshield)
Sacred Chime Hammer(Epic Lemon Hammer)
Grand Lance(Great Banana Lance)
Channelers Trident(To do the Yellow Fruit Ritual)


Full Xathous Set(Banana Robes)
Full Mastodon Set(Pineapple Armor)
Full Syans Set(Lemon Armor)
Black Dragon Set(Yellow Dragon Armor)


Lighting And yellow flashy stuff


Aint a Pro unless banana bro. Or pineapple bro. Or lemon bro


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