Tankbro (PvE SL 150)


With high HP, Stamina, Poise, buffs, Stability, and heals; this build is meant to make people like you.


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 150
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 25
Attunement 25
Strength 30
Dexterity 16
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 7
Faith 50


Main hand - Lightning Heide Knight Sword +10 (Or a high-scaling Lightning weapon.)
First Off-Hand - Tower Shield +10
Second Off-Hand - Lightning Dragon Chime +5


Syan's Helm +10
Syan's Armor +10
Syan's Gauntlets +10
Syan's Leggings +10

The armor can be any set/combo you want; as long as it has high poise.

Third Dragon Ring (Tried and True.)
Chloranthy Ring +2 (Stamina regeneration is the difference between life and death.)
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2 (So that Sacred Oath can buff your allies longer.)
Redeye Ring (The cornerstone of the build; forces enemies to target you.)


Sacred Oath
Great Heal


When fighting common mobs, run around them so that the host/other phantom is facing their back, allowing easy backstabs and spell hits. Remember; if your host gets hurt, get very close to them and use Great Heal, so that the restoration may be shared. Against bosses that do non-physical damage, dodgeroll through the projectiles/sword and keep in their face. Fighting Darklurker with this build will be tricky, if you or your host can't handle the DPS of the second Darklurker, consider Great Magic Barrier. Against physical bosses, hold your Tower Shield with both hands and hug the boss. Lower your guard while the boss is recovering from an attack.

That's about it; I had the idea for this build and recently got around to it. Boss fights were SO EASY! Nashandra and Velstadt were wimps. I REALLY like this build. Have fun Sunbros!


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