Syan, Knight-Lord of Drangleic


"I am Syan, Knight-Lord of our King, Vendrick! See my blade, passed down for over a millennia! Retreat, or feel my wrath!" - Syan, shortly before his death

I was playing around with this build for a while, seeing what I wanted to be. Eventually, I came up with Syan, as it is extremely rare for someone to be seen wearing the armor. For good reason, as there are better armors, but I like the way this stuff looks.


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 191
Vigor 25
Endurance 15
Vitality 30
Attunement 6
Strength 40
Dexterity 30
Adaptability 15
Intelligence 15
Faith 15


Primary (RH1): +5 (Dark) Black Knight Greatsword
Secondary (RH2/LH2): +5 Royal Dirk
Emergency (RH3): +10 Espada Ropera
Shield (LH1): +10 (Magic) Tower Shield (To handle Mages and Warriors alike)

Recommend all weapons/shields be max rank, but if you can't, that is fine. Just max out your shield and BK Greatsword first.


Head: Ivory Crown or Desert Sorceress Hood (If DLC is unavailable to you)
Chest: Syan's Amor
Arms: Syan's Gauntlets
Legs: Syan's Leggings

Rings -
1: Cloranthy Ring +1/+2(NG+)
2: Ring of Blades +1/+2(NG+)
3: Yorgh's Ring/Ring of Giants +1/+2(NG+)
4: Third Dragon Ring

All Equipment is recommended to be +10, but, at the very least, I would recommend that you have the armor upgraded to +10

Truthfully, whatever suits your situation would work for the rings, but those are the ones I stuck with whilst running about as Syan.


None, unless you wish to drop some points into Attunement for a few Miracles. No sorceries! Syan was an honorable knight, not a pansy.


Generally, you are to start all duels with an Honorary Bow. If your opponent acknowledges, you stick to your BK Greatsword and Tower Shield. If they are a mage, your best bet is remaining mobile. Rushing in will let them cast a spell or two that might take a large chunk of your HP. The Vitality should be enough to keep you Light Rolling.

If you're in need of Titanite Slabs to upgrade your stuff, you'll be happy to know that, as of the latest patch, the Stone Soldiers before the King's Gate that leads to the Throne of Want are infinitely respawning, and they have a good chance of dropping them. I know that they respawn infinitely, as I've killed them many, many times to build up the souls and gain the Slabs. If you are also in need of chunks, defeating Nashandra will allow Chloanne (Titanite Girl) to sell them infinitely. So, go crazy.

As for Soul Level, that is not a must. If you wish, you may go up to 200, but the minimum needed for the build is 191.


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