Super Silly Battle Mage


This set up is, for me, a perfect balance between a PVP and PVE character. All the weapons are viable for both scenarios (though make sure you have repair powder for dat Old Whip and Watcher's GS.

It's a lot of fun whipping people to death with CMB and I highly recommend that people try it out.

My main idea was to use dual Blue Flames (only wep that can CMB both hands) and the Strength/Dex is specifically for power stancing that. It puts out surprisingly good damage, and obviously the CMB also boosts magic power. People unfamiliar with the sword tend to be unaware of its spell-casting capability… which you can use to your advantage.

Most reasonably skilled players will probably be able to kill you if you're not experienced, but who cares? IT'S FUN!


Starting Class Warrior
Level 150
Vigor 35
Endurance 20
Vitality 10
Attunement 25
Strength 20
Dexterity 23
Adaptability 15
Intelligence 50
Faith 5


2 Magic-Infused Blue Flames - one in the off-hand, obviously.
Watcher's Greatsword - for the PVE and some really good PVP damage too
Old Whip - FOR THE CHAOS! Honestly, it's a deceptively powerful weapon.


Black Domino Mask for Fashion Souls and extra magic power.
Armor can be anything you want. I wear the Crimson Aurous set because it goes well with my excellent blue moustache.


2 stacks of CMB
Crystal Soul Spear
Homing Crystal Soul Mass
Soul Greatsword


Melee first - spells are support. Don't use them up on someone who knows how to dodge and then have to fight them with a Blue Flame. Without preparation, it's a terrible weapon. Also, rolling is your best friend. Try to be unpredictable and catch people off-guard.


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