Sunbro Build


basically a dex/faith build

rings: life ring + 2 , southern ritual ring + 2 for 3 slots, 3rd dragon ring, ring for faith + 5

basically you save level points because of your intelligence and attunement, you still are able to have sunlight spear and sunllight blade because of the southern ritual ring + 2. Now, you can spend more points for high vigor/faith/dex


Starting Class Bandit
Level 150
Vigor 35-40
Endurance 20-25
Vitality 15-20
Attunement 1
Strength 20
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 15-25
Intelligence 1
Faith 50


weapons with dex and faith scaling or other weapons with lightning enchantement ( nice weapons: Murakumo +10 lightning , richards rapier + 10, …(find your own weapon ;) ) you can also use heide weapons but they aren't really strong..
shield: defenders shield or kings shield


for full Sunbro feeling: Heide knight set


Sunlight spear, Sunlight Sword


cast sunlight blade and head into the fight. try to use sunlight spear when your enemy is trying to cast something - even if he hits you then your damage on him will be higher most of the times


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