Str, int n faith build


High str, high fth, high int = GOD OF DARKSOULSII


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 194
Vigor 22
Endurance 22
Vitality 20
Attunement 26
Strength 45
Dexterity 26
Adaptability 8
Intelligence 40
Faith 57


Right hand:Lightning greatsword +10, any staff, idol's chime
Left hand: Havel's great shield, magic dragonrider's bow +5


Aurous helm(transparent), Havel's armor, aurous gauntlets(transparent), smelter demon's leggings or any set u want, rings: cloranthy ring, ring of restoration, royal soldiers ring +1, third dragon ring
Arrows: wooden arrow, iron arrow


[ Sunlight spear, great lightning spear, soul spear, blinding bolt(incensed) ] or any spell u want


In my build I'm not trying to be under 70%. You can use any good weapon(450+ atk) you r comfy wid.
In PVP I would suggest poison Richards rapier + 10


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