Spell Immunity


Build has 99% elemental damage reduction, climax do roughly 30 to 40 damage to you


Starting Class Warrior
Level about 200
Vigor 50 since your physical defence is kind of low
Endurance above 20
Vitality 29
Attunement 30
Strength 50
Dexterity 11
Adaptability 31
Intelligence 19
Faith 28


two dragon teeth +5 adds 10% magical and fire defence, if above defence is not needed, other weapon may used(note: 50 strength is not necessary for the additional defence, you could just carry a dragon tooth on the back and use other weapon.)

some chime for Great Magic Barrier

some staff for supportive magic


Int and Fth stats grants around 15% elemental damage reduction

Warlock mask +10

black witch robe +5

black witch gauntlet+5 for spell defence without GMB or looking glass knight gauntlet+5 for 26 poise

black boots+5

adds up to 34% magic 23.6% fire 27.6% lighting and 30.6% dark defence

game give additional 10% spell defence to everyone

Fire, lighting and dark quartz ring +3, 15% damage reduction for each, dispelling ring +1 adds 12% for all element defence

swap unused type of element for pve

In total with GMB and only one dragon tooth, elemental immunity is achieved
only after certain patch, max elemental defence is 99%, prevent people reporting you as a hacker for taking no damage.


Great magic barriers for 25% damage reduction


fall control, cast light, camaleon

or damage spells, since you will definitely win a spell fight


as long as elemental defences in the equipment screen are above 890, the damage reduction will be at 99% cap

casting GMB will enable you to swap the two dragon teeth out for some other weapon, for they are extremely heavy

getting wet will increase fire defence by 100 but decrease lighting defence, use at your own benefit

have fun taunting the cheap R1 mages and moonlight greatsword, most spells shall hit lower than 10 hp, the pixel of health bar barely moves.

the nashandra lazer, acient dragon fire, smelter demon aoe… not even a scratch


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