Soul Knight


This build is effective for ng+2. Not tested for any higher difficulty. Most items for this build are found during late to end game and are situated for high defence and damage output


Starting Class Knight
Level 220
Vigor 40
Endurance 38


Rh1: Blue Flame+5, this is what I've focused this build around due to it's fast casting speed and dam output for both spells and melee. Lh1: Kings shield, not recommended but there for high damage block and fire resistance. Lh1: Avelyn or sanctum repeater if you have the dlc, used as backup in case you run out of spells.


Head: Leydia White Hood+10 pureley cosmetic. Armour: Throne Watcher Armour+5 offers decent defence and high magic defense
Hands: Drakeblood gauntlets or Throne Watcher gauntlets, doesn't matter which ones due to similar resistances
Legs: Throne Watcher Leggings+5
Ring1: Ring of blades+2
Ring2: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 3: Southern Ritual band+2
Ring4: Blue Clearstone Ring for even quicker casts or Northern ritual band for more spell uses


Soul Greatsword X2
Focus Souls
Soul Gyser
Soul Vortex
Homing Soulmass X2/ Crystal Soulmass when obtained
Heavy Great Soul Arrow


You can switch focus souls out for either: Another soul geyser and vortex or X2 Soul bolts
Don't enhance Blue flame with magic or enchanted as it will lose damage output for spells
If you are feeling reckless remove the soul geyser and focus souls, and replace them with unleash magic ( not recommended for PVE unless you like punishing yourself that way) Message me on PSN for any more help on this build or for feedback my PSN ID is THE_ASSASSINBANE


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