For those of you who have little love for sorcery, hexes, and pyromancies this is a pure strength/dex build that relies on weapon and equipment utility. Great for pvp.


Starting Class Knight
Level 200-225
Vigor 40
Endurance 40
Vitality 50
Attunement Starting
Strength 50-60
Dexterity 50-60
Adaptability 26 (for at least 100 agility)
Intelligence Starting
Faith Starting


Any light weapon, preferably a hand axe or straight sword (I use a broadsword +10) a great weapon for guard breaking (Gyrm greathammer +10) a thrusting weapon for narrow hallways (Partisan +10) a ranged weapon (Hunters blackbow +10) and a parrying weapon/shield


Armor with very high defense (Looking Glass set with Farram helm) Rebels greatshield +10, third dragon ring, royal soldiers ring +2, Chloranthy +1 or 2


Wands are for wimps.


The most important thing to keep in mind with build is to keep your weight at 70% or lower, as this is the threshold for "fat rolling" which will get you killed in pvp. This class relies heavily on switching weapons on the fly, and tanking magic. For opponents who are more nimble, use your light weapon, and TIME YOUR ATTACKS, don't swing away at nothing. If your opponent tends to turtle behind their shield, switch to your great weapon to drain their stamina and possibly break their guard. If your opponent is dual wielding, use your light weapon or piercing weapon, and your parrying tool on your offhand, as they CANNOT block and must dodge, if they move in for a counter-attack, try parrying, otherwise, dodge away and create some distance. Your bow (which I keep in my left hand) can also be useful for such enemies. This next part is VERY important. If your like me, you've probably been completely destroyed by magic user time and time again. Don't blame yourself, as magic users are quite overpowered, especially with the Moonlight greatsword at their beckon call, spells that track, weapon augmentation, and AOE capability, all of which do extreme damage. Magic was my bane until I found my favorite tool. The REBEL'S GREATSHIELD is a must. Why? The rebels greatshield only blocks 75% of physical damage, which, if your good, you wont be taking much of anyway. However, the shield also blocks 90% of EVERYTHING ELSE (save for dark which it blocks 85%) making it an extremely effective magic denial tool. When up against magic, you must be cautious, as one spell can half your health. Keep your shield up and move in carefully and watch for AOE attacks. If you're careful and manage your stamina correctly, you can exhaust their most powerful spells and only take a small amount of damage. Two handing your greatshield is an effective method. Once your in close, use your light weapon and give little breathing room, but be mindful of your stamina, for if you exhaust yourself, one spell can break your guard, leaving you wide open. Use this build correctly and with skill, and you will not lose often. I myself lose a duel or am ended by invader very rarely. Keep your sword arm limber and your shield arm strong, and have fun with this awesome build.


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