Smelter Demon Build



Starting Class Knight
Level 362
Vigor 51
Endurance 75
Vitality 34
Attunement 42
Strength 46
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 25
Intelligence 56
Faith 46


Righ weapon 1: Lightining Greataxe +10
Right weapon 2: Pyromancy Glove +10
Right weapon 3: Dragonrider Bow +1 (optional)
Left weapon 1: Defenders Shield +3
Left weapon 2: Protective Chime +10


Helm: Dark Helm +3
Torso: Smelter Demon's Chest piece +3
Gauntlets: Smelter Demon's Gauntlets +2
Legs: Smelter Demon Leggings +2
Rings: Life Ring +3, Chloranthy Ring +2, Third Dragon Ring, and Royal Soldier ring +2.


Great Chaos Fireball, 2x Great fireball, Flame Swathe, Dance of Fire, and Great Heal


This is my current build, and I thought that I might share my build with the community, because I have received a lot of compliments on my build and a lot of people asked what I was using, so I figured whoever sees this build will try it out and enjoy it. :) I do want to say that I have 380+ hours in the game and I am half way through my 3rd playthrough of the game, so some of you may not have access to some of the things I use in my build, feel free to substitute them with whatever works for you. Enjoy! :)


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