The Super Buffy Ruler...of DEATH!!!


This build is primarily melee and is non-stop buffing . Honestly, who doesn't like buffing stuff?

You will be equipped with all four elemental buffs to prey on enemy weaknesses. Since their are more enemies/bosses susceptible to lightning damage than any other element, and also less enemies highly resistant to lightning than any other element, I have infused both weapons with it. It suits the idea of the build well because the Great Heal miracles heal more the higher your Faith is, and you will have four or five buffs for magic, fire, and dark, but only one for lightning. So it kind of balances out. The Heals are nice for co-op, PvP (if you heal in PvP), and are great for saving the quicker Estus Flasks for boss battles.

I use Great Magic Weapon instead of Crystal Magic Weapon because with the attributes listed below, GMW gives 3 casts each for over a minutes, while CMW gives 1 cast for just over 40 seconds. Since GMW only does 5% less damage than CMW, the amount of casts and duration of GMW seems more reasonable.

Same for Dark Weapon vs. Resonant Weapon. DW does 5% less damage but gets 2 more casts and lasts about 10 seconds longer…and doesn't cost 2000 souls to cast.

The Ruler's sword does huge damage at 1'000'000 souls held and has a fast move set (both as far as greatswords are concerned). Another big perk to the Ruler's Sword is the two handed move set is almost exactly the same as the one handed move set allowing you to play the same way vs. fast and slow enemies.

The Bow of Want does excellent damage for a bow but I like to use it specifically for crowd control.

The Blossom Kite Shield is for stamina recovery only but can be helpful against arrows. No need to upgrade.

The Black Witch's Staff is the fastest casting item that can cast all Miracles, Sorceries, and Hexes. No need to upgrade as it won't effect the damage of your weapon buffs. Same with the Pyromancy Flame.

Head: The Warlock Mask is one of the best elemental defenses for head gear in the game. Good for both PvP and PvE.
Chest: The Monastery Longshirt is the best physical AND elemental resist to weight ratio in the game. It gives you good defense while having such a low equipment load that you gain stamina back really fast. Good for both PvP and PvE. The Ironclad Armor is strictly for PvP. Even though the physical defense to weight ratio is terrible, it still does give good physical defensive stats. The point of it is that it's the best physical defense armor that negates backstabs.
Arms: The Engraved Gauntlets have pretty bad defense to weight ratio (quite heavy) but still give alright defense physically and in all 8 elements. They give the possibility of getting a critical hit (50% extra damage) on any regular attack. Worth it in both PvP and PvE.
Legs: Chaos Boots have great physical and elemental resists per weight they are too hard to pass up.

Overall you get great physical and elemental defense now matter where you're playing and you only switch one armor piece to transition (if you want). Plus, you get tons of endurance recovery for rolling around and hitting things with your buffed weapon.

Rings: I'm huge on Endurance. So the Chloranthy Ring and Third Dragon Ring are easy "shoe-in's" for me. The Ring of Life Protection is criticized a lot but think of this: The Ruler Sword does just under 400 damage with 0 souls in pocket and the attribute setup below. But it'll do just under 600 with a million souls. Now the Ring of Blades +2 adds 50 damage to non infused weapons…a little less to infused ones. Basically the Ring of Life Protection is a Ring of Blades that gives 200 extra damage instead of 50 when playing with the Ruler's Sword.

Everything is pretty self-explanatory. I have VIT at 30 in case you are going to add the Ironclad Armor for PvP purposes. You could do 29 VIT but it's nice to have space to mix up your rings and still stay under 70% equipment load. ADP is at 24 (because ATT is at 30) so I could be at 105 Agility ("hard" cap for invincibility frames while rolling). All other attributes simply meet bare minimums for armor and weapon requirements (excluding VIG and END).


Starting Class Deprived
Level 151+
Vigor 20 - 50
Endurance 20 - 99
Vitality 30
Attunement 30
Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 24
Intelligence 20
Faith 40


Right Hand:
Lightning Ruler's Sword +5
Lightning Bow of Want +5

Left Hand:
Blossom Kite Shield
Black Witch's Staff
Pyromancy Flame


Head: Warlock Mask +10
Chest: Monastery Longshirt +5/Ironclad Armor +10
Arms: Enchanted Gauntlets +5
Legs: Chaos Boots +5

1-Chloranthy Ring +2
2-Third Dragon Ring
3-Stone Ring
4-Ring of Life Protection


Miracle: Great Heal
Miracle: Great Heal
Pryomancy: Flame Weapon
Sorcery: Great Magic Weapon
Miracle: Sunlight Blade
Hex: Dark Weapon


Use this site ( to know which buffs to save for certain bosses.

Double tapping RT/R2 in either one or two handed with the Ruler's Sword can be done quickly or delayed. Delaying the double tap can be very handy in PvP. Bait the first attack, then swipe for the second.

If you prefer Poise over dodging upgrade the Gyrm Helm, Havel's Chest, and Havel's Legs for the best physical defense in the game and great poise. Adding the Engraved Gauntlets still keeps you under 70% equipment load at 30 VIT.

I use poison arrows for the bow. Like I said, the bow is for crowd control, not damage. You'd be surprised how efficient poison arrows can be.


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