Silen7RH's Strength/Hex Build


A SL150 meta build that is centered around the effective use of the Crypt Blacksword and Sacred Chime Hammer.

Note that the below stats for VGR, VIT and ADP can be adjusted to suit the player’s preferences. The current setup achieves 1726 HP (1984 HP with Life Ring +3), 72.2 equip load and 97 agility. If the player has no intention of using the Sacred Chime Hammer then DEX can be taken down to 10.

In terms of optimization, at the cost of additional investment into VIT (as well as possible Fashion Souls related issues) 21 levels can be freed up by raising DEX one level and equipping the King’s Crown, Flower Skirt and Vessel Shield. Be advised, however, that this will result in a mandatory equip burden of 12.5 units.


Starting Class Knight
Level 150
Vigor 30
Endurance 20
Vitality 10
Attunement 13
Strength 40
Dexterity 12
Adaptability 18
Intelligence 30
Faith 30


Primary Weapons

  • Dark Sacred Chime Hammer +5
  • Dark Crypt Blacksword +5
  • Any STR weapon requiring 40STR/12DEX or less infused with Dark

Secondary Weapons

  • Dark Drakekeeper's Sword +10
  • Dark Silverblack Sickle +10
  • Dark Bandit Axe +10
  • Dark Estoc +10
  • Any light weapon requiring 12DEX or less infused with Dark

Spell Tools

  • Dark Sunset Staff +5


Example Armor (click to view)

  • Prisoner’s Hood +10
  • Chaos Robe +5
  • Northwarder Manchettes +10
  • Black Leather Boots +10

Ring Setups

  • Damage Setup
    • Dark Clutch Ring
    • Ring of Blades +2
    • Royal Soldier’s Ring +2
    • Third Dragon Ring
  • Survivability Setup
    • Dark Clutch Ring/Ring of Blades +2
    • Life Ring +3
    • Royal Soldier’s Ring +2
    • Third Dragon Ring


  • Dark Weapon
  • Dark Orb


20 STR vs. 40 STR
Lowering STR to 20 should only be considered if you never plan on using the Sacred Chime Hammer due the weapon’s borderline unviable 2H R2. Even then, losing out the Crypt Blacksword’s devastating 1H R1>R1 should not be taken lightly.

Great Magic Barrier? No problem!
If your opponent casts GMB do not fret. While your weapons will (obviously) not hit as hard until their GMB wears off, you’ll still be able to do plenty of damage. The buffed Dark Crypt Blacksword’s 1H R1 alone will hit for 450-650 depending on your opponent’s armor.


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