The Last Living Sanctum Knight


Just a fun RP build for those wanting to PVE as a Sanctum Knight.


Starting Class Cleric
Level 131
Vigor 25
Endurance 16
Vitality 26
Attunement 26 (Optional)
Strength 13 (For Power Stancing)
Dexterity 26 (Main Stat to Level)
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 20 (Optional)
Faith 20 (Optional)


Sanctum Knight Weapons:
Dual Falchions +10 (Power Stanced)
Sanctum Crossbow
Sanctum Repeating Crossbow (Optional)


Full Sanctum Knight Set
Dragon Rings (continually upgrade)
Any Bolts (I like lightning bolts)
Cloranthy Ring (continually upgrade)
Bracing Knuckle Ring (falchions have low duarability)


All optional, no spells needed but I threw in some pyromancy because I love Fire Snake


Any class will work, I simply put cleric because that was my class, the attn., faith, and int., stats are all optional, I only have those for my pyromancys. If not using magic those stats can be placed elsewhere, falchions have terrible scaling with str. so don't increase it past the needed 13 for powerstancing, dex should be a main stat, the whole build has a weight of about 40 pounds (50 if adding in the repeating crossbow), infuse your crossbow with raw since it has no scaling, infuse your falchions so they have some kick against armored foes, keep a spare weapon handy for dealing with armored foes is need be. Feel free to change up the build, all that matters is you are a sanctum knight.


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