Regeneration domination


Using all regen items to force opponents to keep constant pressure on you throughout a fight or else you will always be healing


Starting Class Cleric
Level 140+
Vigor 25+
Endurance 25+
Vitality 10+
Attunement 10-20
Strength 40
Dexterity 27
Adaptability 25+
Intelligence 4
Faith 16-20


Butchers knife
Eleum loyce
Loyce shield
Any chime
Other backup weapons of your choice for variety


Ivory crown
Northwarder set- for the spell duration effect
If not then any armor will do really

Ring of restoration
Third dragon cause duh
Ring of blades
Lingering dragoncrest
Or any other ring you find necessary over RoB although the scaling for the eleum loyce won't be utilized so it's preferred
Possibly chloranthy or royal soldiers ring


Replenishment is key to the build for sure
Any other faith spell
Warmth if you condone it in pvp


Mainly a pvp build. This build will make people play over aggressive because of the staggering rate at which your health regenerates
Here are some stats:
Ivory crown- 2hp/3sec
Loyce shield- 2hp/3sec
Ring of restoration- 2hp/sec
Replenishment- ???/120sec I think it may scale with faith but I haven't done extensive testing
Butchers knife- 7hp per successful hit
Eleum loyce- ??? Haven't actual got it yet lol

So yeah that's really it the butchers knife has a fun move set and is great for chase downs and catching people during a roll

Parrying with a medium shield can take some time to get used to if you're used to a small shield well, at least for me, plus the shield only blocks sorceries well so don't rely on it in a pinch. Set up parries are still solid though well cause your removing hp every sec lol

The eleum loyce has a curved sword move set minus the special r2s that drain life for opponents it also gives allies health too- maybe roll with a bracing knuckle ring if you use it a lot

Definitely try the 1hr2 with the butchers knife for people you know will roll backward after being hit it will almost always catch them (man the butchers knife is dope)

Vulnerability parries can be pulled off as well with the butchers knife or eleum loyce if your competent enough to pull them off

My health which is ~1600 recovers from nearly nothing to full in under 3-4 min so long fights can seriously be your friend

Do NOT play over aggressive with this build time is your buddy- keep pressure on them but don't just go for the quick kill just to show them that they have to actually put pressure on you all fight or they will just be taking two steps back- worse case scenario you can just roll forever until your health is high enough to take at least a hit or two from your opponent

Have fun:)


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