Red Nomad


A Traveler from a forgotten land, Un-petrified by a passer by continues to discover new places and in turn, new foes.
<I'm not even home making this, if there are any issues with the stats tell me and i can fix it.>


Starting Class Deprived
Level 243
Vigor 50
Endurance 50
Vitality 14
Attunement 13
Strength 20
Dexterity 80 decrease for faith/ int, not past 50
Adaptability 38
Intelligence 6 - 36
Faith 6 - 36


R: Murakumo, A bow if you want because a ton of dex.
L: normal/dark pyro flame, blossom Kite shield


Desert sorceress hood<or your choice>
Alva Armor<or your choice>
Alva pants<" ">
Alva Gloves<" ">

Cloranthy ring
Third dragon
Choice of any


I use Flame weapon and flame swathe.
You can use anything you like


The Shield is there for the Stamina regeneration mainly. Rolling is your main thing, You can bait swing if you two hand the murakumo if you roll swing and parry right after the parry is faster. Using the weapon buff is up to you, it is interchangeable with resins and such. How you want the sword is your choosing as well as well as the spells.


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