Quality Knight


The Quality build has lost a fair bit of it's bite since Demon's and Dark Souls, but it remains one of the most versatile and fun builds in the most recent Souls iteration.


Starting Class Bandit
Level 135
Vigor 35
Endurance 20
Vitality 22
Attunement 2
Strength 40
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 1
Faith 8


Blacksteel Katana
Grand Lance
Drakekeeper's Warpick
Any other weapon you damn well please

Hunter's Blackbow
Alonne Greatbow

Lightning Watcher's Shield
Fire Phoenix Parma
Dark Transgressor's Leather Shield
Magic Magic Shield


*Armor is picked for fashion souls and is not optimized

Insolent Helm
Throne Watcher Armor
Drangleic Gauntlets
Hard Leather Boots

Third Dragon Ring
Royal Soldier's Ring +2
Ring of Blades +2
Ring of Giants +2
Southern Ritual Band +2

(I shy away from using either of the counter rings, but either Ring of Thorns or Old Sun Ring would technically be more effective than the Ring of Giants


I usually don't roll with any. But if you're hurting for spells, use the Southern Ritual Band for 3 slots and use pyromancies. Some options are:

Flame Swathe
Fire Whip
Forbidden Sun
Flame Weapon (I prefer just using resins)


To be completely honest, this build has loss a lot of it's effectiveness in the move from Dark Souls 1. Scaling for melee stats as of now is not very effective, and if you're looking for easy wins, then this is not the build for you. You'll be at a technical disadvantage for most of your fights.

That being said, don't let that discourage you from trying out the build. The benefit of using this build is versatility. You have nearly every weapon in the game at your disposal, and so no two quality builds will look the same. It's also hard to get bored using this build simply due to the massive level of choice you have in terms of weapons.

Your Damage will not be the highest in the game, your wins will drop if you're used to a powerful meta build. But what you'll gain is a build with nearly limitless possibilities in PvP.

My personal primary setup is the Blacksteel Katana, the Grand Lance, and the Alonne Greatbow. The Greatbow is surprisingly fast and easy to bait and shoot people rolling into you trying to dodge and counterattack. Play around with combos you like, because the benefit of this build is in it's wide range of possibilities.

My shield changes depending on my opponent, as each choice will offer 100% reduction in it's respective element. Though if you're not wanting to switch shields every fight, the Watcher's Shield is a great all arounder.


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