Pyro Knight Mastadont


Good damage and defence. Mastodon Halberd 600+ dmg, Bow 300+ dmg, Flame Swathe 1200+ dmg. tower shield block 100% physical damage.
Easy play in pve and pvp.


Starting Class Knight
Level 150
Vigor 40
Endurance 20
Vitality 32
Attunement 4
Strength 50
Dexterity 18
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 3
Faith 6


Mastodon Halberd +10
Dragonrider Bow +5
Dark Pyromancy Flame +10
Tower Shield +10


Faraam Set +10
Chloranthy Ring +1
Southern Ritual Band +1
Third Dragon Ring
Ring of Binding or choose your ring


Flame Swathe x2


Good Moveset:
Block + R1
H1R1 + H1R1
Run + H2R1


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