PVE Sorcerer


it's a build i have been working on, everything in it is what i wanted just thought i would share it.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 132
Vigor 18
Endurance 13
Vitality 10
Attunement 25
Strength 16
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 9
Intelligence 50
Faith 4


Right hand; Ricard's Rapier +10, mirrah Greatsword+10
left hand; staff of wisdom+5 shield (i dont have one i like yet so im just using large leather shield)

and have the hunters black bow on your right hand or put away like i do


lucatiels items are what i chose personally but lion mage items are very nice for this build.

lingering dragon crest ring, clear bluestone ring, ring of life protection and the 4th ring is changed often for the area you are in.
for specific resists and such.


great heavy soul arrow (10)- preferably more ;-;
soul great sword
soul spear/ crystal soul spear
homing crystal soul mass
great magic weapon/ crystal magic weapon


its a build meant to draw in enemies from a range and fight them one on one, play cautiously and try not to get swarmed, attacking twice and rolling with the last bit of stamina you have is a good idea.
with ricards rapier hitting 3-4 times is good too.


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