Pritchard the Crusader


Can be modified and has lots of potential for variety. The levels can be changed to your liking to use a different weapon or even spice down some hexes and sorceries. You can also use pyromancy as the high faith and mediocre intelligence still give a good fire bonus, and no requirements are necessary.


Starting Class Knight
Vigor 40
Endurance 40
Vitality 25
Attunement 25
Strength 25
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 32
Intelligence 10
Faith 50


Thorned greatsword, Defender greatsword or Black dragon greatsword, all infused with lightning. You can also use the Grand lance, but every weapon you use has to be infused with lightning because you only have average strength an dexterity, and you will want to buff. The lightning dragon chime is also important. You choose whatever shield you want, but in my opinion the watcher shield is the best and lightest. You could also use the king's shield, transgressors, or rebel's greatshield.


Faraam set for heavy armor, Alva for medium, Black dragon for light. Optional engraved gauntlets, jester's top, and other similar things.
Chloranthy ring +2, third dragon ring, your choice of stone ring for combos, leo for lance, or blades/flynn for damage, and the fourth is your choice (I use dispelling ring because of sorcerers and hexers)


You can choose between various buffs, like sunlight blade, sacred oath, great magic barrier or even denial. Heavenly thunder is a good wakeup cast, even when knocking them down with a lance. This can be replaced by scraps of life or darkstorm, but it won't do as much damage because your chime is lightning infused. Also your choice of pyromancies if you like that stuff. If you lack slots, modify the build or use the southern ritual band.


This is a versatile build that you can modify a lot to use different things, like the santier's spear, as it needs two more dexterity. The main idea is just to do as much lightning damage as possible because there are lots of hexers out there, so the combination of lightning attacks and physical attacks make the build deadly for hexers, and other players too. Just watch out not to be hit by the hexers and sorcerers, your resistance to them is low so use the great magic barrier and your high adaptability to your advantage, amd punish those spammers at will!
Use a defensive playstyle with the lance, and take advantage of the counter strength. It is also good for running attacks, so you can play aggressive at the same time, confusing your enemies. The greatswords deal very high damage and have a great combo ability, and you can use the sone ring to stunlock the havel monsters with a two hand running attack, then one light attack and two strong attacks. This combo is best used with the black dragon greatsword, and is the main reason for the high endurance.


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