Poisoning Buffer


WARNING: Not for Dexterity/Magic/Poison haters!!!


Starting Class Cleric
Level 135
Vigor 1 (Rank this up later as you like.)
Endurance 1 (Rank this up later as you like.)
Vitality 15 (To fast roll.)
Attunement 75 (For that 10 Attunements.)
Strength 15 (Nothing special. Just a requirement.)
Dexterity 25 (Rank this up later as you like.)
Adaptability 1 (No one touches this anyway.)
Intelligence 42 (For numerous spells.)
Faith 35 (For numerous spells.)


Right Hand 1: Spider Fang (Dat Dex scale.)
Right Hand 2: Warped Sword (Dat Dex scale.)
Right Hand 3: Hunter's Blackbow (Dat Dex scale.)
Left Hand 1: Llewellyn Shield (Best Dex scale for small shields.)
Left Hand 2: Black Witch's Staff (Because Hexs + Sorceries + Miracles.)
Left Hand 3: Pyromancy Flame (Because Pyromancies.)


Ring 1: Cloranthy Ring +2 (Why not?)
Ring 2: Royal Soldier's Ring +2 (To fast roll.)
Ring 3: Southern Ritual Band +2 (For those extra spells.)
Ring 4: Third Dragon Ring (For fast rolls.)
Head: Black Witch Hat (For that extra spell.)
Chest: Lion Mage Robe (Because why not?)
Hands: Moon Butterfly Cuffs (Dat poison.)
Legs: Lion Mage Skirt (Because why not?)


This is just in alphabetical order. Choose any order you want.

Dark Fog (Poison him hard.)
Lifedrain Patch (Drain him.)
Numbness (For the heat of the battle.)

Great Heal (Emergencies.)
Replenishment (For those times when you're still busy fighting.)
Unveil (In case he hides.)

Lingering Flame (Maybe put it at a corner?)
Toxic Mist (More poison!)
Warmth (For those times that you run out of other healing stuff.)

Cast Light (For The Gutter.)
Chameleon (For sneaky moments.)


May be good for both PvP & PvE? Not sure. Experiment!


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