SL 150 Poison/Bleed


An aggressive class meant to keep the enemy more worried with every hit. SL150. No DLC needed.


Starting Class Explorer
Level 150
Vigor 48
Endurance 20
Vitality 18
Attunement 7
Strength 25
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 35
Intelligence 5
Faith 5


Powerstanced +10 Poison Claws

+10 Raw Avelyn in a backslot


Head: +5 Moon Butterfly Hat (for the poison buildup)

Chest: +10 Jester Robes (to resist backstab)

Arms: +10 Shadow Gauntlets (for the bleed bonus)

Legs: Moon Butterfly Skirt (for the poison buildup)

Ring 1: Chloranthy Ring +2 (for better stamina regen)

Ring 2: Stone Ring (to stunlock more effectively)

Ring 3: Crest of Blood (for the bleed bonus)

Ring 4: Crest of the Rat (for the poison bonus)


No spellcasting needed.


Be aggressive. most wont expect it.

Claws are capable of guard break so use that against heavy-blockers.

After 4 hits with the claws in succession, the enemy will usually be near-poison and near-bleed. this is the optimal time to toss a knife and get one of these two effects off on them.

Keep close to eliminate use of healing items/poison moss.

Only use the avelyn when they have low health and don't seem capable of dodging. The Avelyn is there for specific scenarios. you know what those scenarios are, most likely.

Try to gauge when the enemy will be hitting and when they wont be. the Stone ring allows you to deal a lot of poise damage, but having low poise yourself very light weapons can stagger you. So be aggressive, but mindful of their weapon's moveset.

If you want to make edits to the class setup, it is important to keep equip load low, I'd say under 50% at the least, ideally around 30%. The longer roll distance really helps when trying to stagger with the uppercut roll of the claws.


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