Perfect citizen (0 sin) build - for PVE


Fun build dual wielding 2 lost sinner's swords (LSS)


Starting Class Explorer
Level as low as around 120 - I am currently close to SL450 and still dual wielding LSSs as my primary weapons
Vigor 20
Endurance 15 - enough to perform a 3-swing combo
Vitality 30 - enough to stay under 70% with all the recommended equipment
Attunement 13 - need 2 slots for denial
Strength 37 - min to dual wield LSS
Dexterity 27 - min to dual wield LSS
Adaptability 24 - giving you 100 agility with 12 i-frames
Intelligence 5
Faith 10 - minimum required for any chime


R1 - Fire Lost Sinner's Sword +5
R2 - Fire Old Whip +5
R3 - Hunter's Blackbow +10

L1 - Dark Lost Sinner's Sword +5
L2 - Dark Drakekeeper's Greatshield +10
L3 - Cleric's Sacred Chime


Crown of the Old Iron King +5 - refills your denial spells
Jester's Robes +5 - you lose enough hp from swinging your LSSs, so avoid critical hits from your enemies
Havel's Gauntlets +5 - giving you some poise, there isn't any good hand armour with special effects
Sanctum Knight Leggings +5 - silence your footsteps

Third Dragon Ring
Royal Soldier's Ring +2
Chloranthy Ring +2
Stone Ring




Your bread and butter is your 3-swing combo with at least 695 AR on each hand.
With stone ring and 50 poise damage from each of your LSS, you are guaranteed to stun most enemies and land your combos.

Silencing your footsteps is important as you always like to strike first and finish your enemy before he has a chance to fight back.


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