Kil nubs wit ur skll!!!


Starting Class Deprived
Level 150
Vigor 43
Endurance 20
Vitality 20
Attunement 20
Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 20
Faith 20


Right Hand 1: Mundane Washing Pole +10

Left Hand 1: Slumbering Dragon Shield +10
Left Hand 2: Pyromancy Flame +10


Penal Mask +5
Looking Glass Armor +5
Looking Glass Gauntlets +5
Looking Glass Leggings +5

Ring 1: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 2: Ring of Blades +2
Ring 3: Royal Soldier's Ring +2
Ring 4: Bracing Knuckle Ring +2


Spell 1: Forbidden Sun
Spell 2: Flame Weapon


Wrek thm wit MLG tactcs nd bcome te bes!!


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